Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let the project begin:
-Update wing w/winter and summer slipcovers
fabric choice:
Tree of Life
Winter.... printed Matelasse w/half drop repeat (perfect choice)
Summer.... linen w/drop repeat (another perfect choice)

-Tailored cotton canvas slipcovered sofa to be refined w/stria velvet

After decisions were made, the client doubted her choice with concern that the fabrics for the chair were too similar; however, as the slipcovers progressed it was clear the fabrics were differentiated by scale and texture, the likeness ensures both fabrics will work in the scheme.
Moreover, the different textures of the fabrics, with the introduction of spring green in the summer linen (printed in England) breathes freshness into the summer
choice, (off site photo)

while the autumnal printed matelasse is cozy and warm.

Sofa in stria velvet with two new matching throws and a center throw to tie in seasonal wing.
Matching pattern is never easy....
Never ever on a wing chair!

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